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Koji Sakano's Journal

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
4:51 pm
Oh, dear!
I guess I really haven't gotten the hang of updating my journal again, have I?
It is of the utmost importance to have a record of things... so I must remember to start writing here more!

Shachou seemed in a happy mood this morning, I'm very glad of that! He fired our poor janitor... I am glad that I was not in his crosshairs when that bad mood was still ahold of him. (What would poor Sakano do without a job?? ...Probably stay at home and sniffle.)

Akio-san, I must admit, is a very intelligent young man! He learns very quickly, and has even managed to catch the eye of one of our lobby secretary... yes, he is quite charming, but I do hope that his intelligence applies to his dating skills as well- I would not like him to end up with our secretary, she is not very polite, and both she and Akio-san's work would falter should they become distracted with each other.
Oh, and if they were to break up... inter-office relationships are never good news, I think!

Our dear Bad Luck will be coming home in a week, and I may venture to say that the office won't be nearly as quiet as it has been... Ah, well. I suppose I can hope to receive ear muffs, ear plugs, or perhaps new headphones for my CD player, as a birthday gift. Oh, yes, my birthday... that's in about two weeks, isn't it? Hm. I pray that Shindou-san and company have forgotten about it... I would not like to receive any sort of wild party, with all that noise and staying-up-late! I expect everyone would be late to work, and groggy with hangovers the whole next day. My!

current mood: chipper
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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
7:24 pm - (ooc: blatant self-pimpage XD)
You might think that I, having held my position at NG for so very long, would be at the very bleeding edge of technological advancement. However, my salary is not nearly as high as you would think! I have been saving and cutting corners, and have finally gotten myself a nice new cellphone to replace that old brick I'd been using since the 90's.
I wonder, would anyone care to have my number? Of course, not to call me, but to send a text message? Then, for those of you with a moment of being bored, you could message me and I could tell you what I was doing, or something. I really do get lonely these days, what with Bad Luck being out on tour, and the offices seeming so empty.

I'm still a little ill, but I am definately getting better. Taking today off from work really did me some good, but I must show up tomorrow. We can't have Shachou completely depending on our little intern for very long, now can we? Because, then where would I be? Unemployed, that's where, and I would not be able to pay my bills!

It may seem a little childish, but I've been playing this GoPets game recently.
See, I told you it gets lonely around here!

current mood: sick but slowly getting better
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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
7:42 pm - (ooc: I really am sick ;_;)
Oh, dear.
I haven't bothered to update this journal in a very long time... if any of you still read this, then please accept my apologies!!
Things have been very hectic lately:
a) Bad Luck is touring
b) I have a horrible cold
c) We have a young little intern around the office now!!

I did not accompany Bad Luck on their tour, because of the appointment of our new intern. He is still working his way through college, and desires to grow up to be like me! Well, of course not me specifically, I am hardly a great role model. He is however looking up to me for learning experience, and I have graciously taken him under my knowing wings.
For those of you that are curious: He has shoulder-length black hair, is relatively short (5'2" or 5'3" in feet, I beleive?) and thin, and his name is Akio-san (he asked me to call him by his given name the moment we were introduced! Oh my).

Oh, my head... this cold is so terrible, I may take off work tomorrow and get some rest!

current mood: sick
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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
2:26 am - ooc: remember me?
I cannot beleive I still remember the password for this journal.
I also cannot beleive my sudden urge to write in here again. I haven't rp'd for a very, very long time.
Out of curiosity, does anyone still read this?
'Cause, I'm considering writing daily posts consisting of the life of Sakano. Probably a one-person version of our old LJRP, but you never know.

-ye olde Sakano-mun, also known as Poppy.
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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
8:23 pm
Okay, I've decided that the rp will start on Febuary 28.
I'm... really not that picky about who joins the rp.. so... really, go ahead and send those e-mails. Please?

current mood: hungry
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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
8:59 pm - OOC for like another month >_>;
Hear ye, hear ye... Tatsuha has landed.

And now Mika has, too~
Apparently people DO want to join.. I'm actually amazed. Yay~

Taken characters:
Ryuichi - http://www.livejournal.com/~graspmynittle
Shuichi - http://www.livejournal.com/~___shuichi___
Tatsuha - http://www.livejournal.com/~ryuuichisboy
Mika - http://www.livejournal.com/~seguchi_mika

Note that... my friends section might be quite confusing. I'm going to keep the old muns on my friends list, in addition to adding the new muns. Later~

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
3:27 pm
Ok, and now, an old mun has taken the part of Hiro.

Also someone asked what exactly they should be sending me as a little rp sample. After hours and hours of thought (two minutes), I finally decided: The way your character would be getting up in the morning. Late or early for school or work, etc. So, yesh. :3

current mood: weird
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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
11:19 pm - OOC POST
Hey there. Anybody still read this? For those of you who do, *ahem*, please pay attention.

I'm going to restart the rp. Well, perhaps not restart, but start with mostly new people. Not quite sure how it's all going to work yet. So, if you're interested in joining the (new(ish)) rp, please e-mail me with the character you'd like to be and a little bit of role-playing so I can get an idea of how you are.

Characters I know for SURE that are taken:

All others are open. Send on, children, SEND ON!

I don't know if I'll be able to get any of the original muns in on this, and I don't know if exTohma-mun of nittlegrasper.com is going to support this. I guess I'm striking out on my own. So, if you're interested, then e-mail me, ok?
Thanks for listening~

Sakano-mun's email is: maniacpill@hotmail.com

It won't start again for at least, AT LEAST, a month. Gotta wait til I finish some important life things, and then I'll be all ready, and hopefully we'll have a good amount of role-players.

current mood: sleepy
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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
3:02 pm
No, I am not deceased.
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Sunday, October 13th, 2002
11:14 pm
My apologies for not posting lately!
We'd been so busy, though, you must understand.
It's nice to have a little rest and all, but it'd be good to just get this all over with and go back home.

current mood: calm
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Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
9:04 pm
Well.. K-san was over last night, and we talked about things... about us..

The break up was mutual.

When I told him to come over, I cleaned up the apartment real quick and got dressed.. I was pretty worried about what would happen, and.. well, I guess it was right to be scared, because.. no... it was mutual. It was mutual.

He was the first person I ever dated, the first I ever slept with, and he helped me come out of my shell a little.. When we talked... we both agreed that it wasn't a really romantic relationship, and he just wasn't ready for something so long-term, yes, it was mutual.. But how could I not fall in love, just a little bit, with my first? First date, first lover, first first first first.
I know I shouldn't be saying this, I'm a total mess, because I've had time to think.. The reality has hit me, and I know what happened now, I know I'm alone again.

Like I said, he was my first on all levels, so I hadn't experienced, first-hand, a break-up. I had friends in college though, who went through it a lot, and I understand that there is always a period of self-evalutaion; you're trying to figure out what you did wrong, why doesn't this person want me anymore? Or is it their fault? What went wrong???
I do believe I'm experiencing these doubts now, though I know what went wrong..

I need to get myself together, to go through what happened, so I can understand. I've never been so disconnected, never not been able to organize my thoughts and feelings, I'm so...I can't even think of the word, so.. god...


I cleaned up, and he came over, and we talked. I had completely forgotten about his birthday, and I apologized profusely for that. He said it was ok, but I don't really beleive that. He told me, then, what was really going on... I didn't know that I was neglecting him so much.. He thought I was ignoring him.. And then, pretty much everything else..
We decided it would be the best thing, for both of us, if we weren't together anymore. We're still friends though, yes. Before he left, I told him if he ever needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, that I'd be there. He gave me a hug, and smiled, and left. He's gone. But it's alright, we're still friends.
Like I said, it was mutual.

current mood: numb
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Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
3:38 pm
K-san has been... distant..
I suppose I haven't been there for him lately, as much as I should have been...
I'm sorry, K-san....

I'm getting over a cold, and I've got a lot more papers to go through from the days I missed at work..
It's hard to concentrate, though.

current mood: depressed
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Friday, August 16th, 2002
6:41 pm
K-san... what is this???

current mood: worried
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Wednesday, August 7th, 2002
3:02 pm - Make-up sex is the best
Wow, the party last night was.. interesting.

I arrived at NG (with my contacts in, wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, and white overshirt) a bit before we moved to Seguchi-san's house, and gave Nakano and Ukai-sans their presents- Hikaru Utada's album Deep River and an Orchid and Pearls bouqet, respectively. I found K-san, and was about to go initate conversation- when everybody decided it was a good time to head to Seguchi's manor, because if he wasn't here, he was probably at home.
When we got there, however, he wasn't... but it was too much trouble to move everything again (apparently there were children with us, and animals, god knows why), so we decided to stay there.
I went to find K again, and.. stepped in rabbit crap.
So, I went outside to clean my shoe off and conviniently enough, there he was.
He was facing the other direction and didn't hear me come outside, so I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He was surprised, and twisted around to look at me, and I guess he didn't recognize me at first, so I said "Hello, K-san!"
We got to talking, and walking outside in Seguchi's garden, and I apologized for being uptight. I had done a lot of thinking, and I'd decided that I was completely over my 'Shachou complex' as it has been referred to, and that I was ready to open up and try new things. K-san, however, told me that he was ready to 'settle down' for me... with me.
He apologized for having sex with Nakano-sans, and I said I was sorry for running off and sleeping with Seguchi.
(He started to say, "It's ok, Sakano-san.", but I stopped him and told him to call me Koji from now on. ~^_^~)
I told him, Seguchi wasn't such a good lay anyway... plus, I prefer to be uke...
We decided to go skinny dipping in Seguchi-san's nice big pool, which was fun. We had a water fight, and then we started kissing... and ended up having sex... May I just say that make-up sex is the best kind, especially in Tohma Seguchi's pool.
I don't really want to go into details about it, buuuut there was strategic use of those little air jet things.
We moved to the hot tub afterwards, and eventually went to sleep in the poolhouse.

Apparently, Seguchi was up late at NG and didn't notice the damage done to his house when he stumbled in last night, or he slept in his office and just arrived home this morning- either way, K and I were awoken by his screams coming from the house early this morning. I think it's needless to say that everyone will take the day off- at least, K and I did. We had collected our clothes, dressed, and drove to my apartment... and are spending the day in bed together.
Well... he's calling me! See you all later!

current mood: ecstatic
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Thursday, August 1st, 2002
12:01 pm
I woke up this morning on the floor of Tohma Seguchi's office. He wasn't in the room.. and neither were my pants.

I left and drove home in my boxers.

I beleive you readers and intelligent and perverted enough to puzzle out what happened between Seguchi and I last night.
For those of you with a less vivid imagination, I screwed him.
No, he did not screw me- I went big bad seme on his ass, quite literally.

I was upset when I walked in on Nakano-sans and K-san, and I felt betrayed because K-san had sex with another man. I should not have felt that way- K never said we were in an exclusive relationship. When he tried to talk to me, I ran off, and I avoided him the rest of the day. I apologize for assuming things, K-san, and I'm not upset with you anymore. I understand that you had sex with Nakano-sans because you had some feelings towards him- just as I do.. or, as I did with Shachou.

Last night, Shachou was a bit cruel to me, and I was upset- and then in a rage. I couldn't believe he would treat me that way! I was always loyal to him, and he used my infatuation with him, and lately has treated me like dirt.
I've been thinking a lot, and I think that the steps I took last night are the correct steps down the path that will let me get over Tohma Seguchi. However, I must apologize to you, Shachou, for taking advantage of you in your intoxicated state. I also apologize for taking the day off today without discussing it with you.

Maiko-san, would you still like to go to lunch today? I've got a bit of a surprise for everyone, and it would be nice if you could see first and tell me what you think.

current mood: all mixed up
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Sunday, July 28th, 2002
11:44 pm - Today's Journal Entry. By Sakano.
Hello world! ^^

Kyoto was very challenging! So many last-minute problems with the concert, believe me, I had an inhaler in each pocket and a brown paper bag tucked inside my suit jacket! My whole career flashed before my eyes when somebody told me they only had Pepsi, no Cokes! But, hehe, *blush* ~ K-san came for the show too. ^_^;; Sakuma-san wanted him there, and we even had a little bit of time to do sight-seeing in Kyoto. It was... well it was romantic.. ^_^;; I felt just like a young bride! err. well, an honest salaryman with an American partner at his side... possibly I was wearing something lacy and white underneath my humble suit... :::blush:::

I'm getting terribly embarrassed so I should probably stop writing. -_-;; I was even more embarassed on the train we took back when somebody came to check on our tickets!! I was right in the middle of administering a bit of what I like to call the 'shachou ceremony' when, alas, ::blush:: it was so humilating!!

a very very small part of me enjoys humiliation. *shhhh*

::blush:: oh no!! I can't figure out how to delete this post!!!
I'm going to be fired! My picture will be in the paper tomorrow! MY MOTHER WILL SEE!!!!! ;_;

current mood: happy
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Saturday, July 20th, 2002
8:23 pm
K-san bought me a new keyboard yesterday!!
It's got all these shortcut buttons at the top, to get online and stuff n__n
He also stayed over last night and let me thank him for it... *coughs* ^^;

Anyway, I need to go take a shower, and I apologize for the shortness of this post.
Oh well, who wants to know all about my life anyway? ^^
See you later! ^^

current mood: accomplished
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Thursday, July 18th, 2002
1:11 am
Ju-t - littl- po-t

--kum----n brok- k-ybo-r-

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
1:16 am - Best night ever!!!
Aah! ^_^ I can't believe I'm going to post this, but I suppose it's what everybody
does so it's not abnormal...

I'm so embaressed and happy!

K-san came over tonight for dinner. I don't think he expected the elaborate feast I
had spent all day preparing x_x;;;;;! Candles and everything...even a bit of white
wine. As surprised as he seemed, I think he enjoyed it anyway. Afterwards he gave me
a really long kiss... it lasted for a while, and tasted of wine. Very delicious...it
had an interesting effect on us both.

We ended up in my bedroom, warm against each other. It was nice, the feeling of his
skin and my skin. I guess I was blushing a lot, or I seemed hesitant...K stopped and
asked if this was all right, and I thought about it....but it was okay. I was ready,
I suppose...^_^;;;

We continued kissing, and I moved down further...he really is quite large, and
deepthroating him is quite a challenge without choking, but I've had practice!
^_^;;;;;;;;;! Hehhe...his moans are really quite nice too...once I was finished, I
wiped off my chin and found myself quite suddenly on my back...

I was expecting one thing but got another. He trailed his tongue down my chest and
stomach [hehe! ^_^;;;;;], but then I was being flipped around and his tongue was
penetrating my opening... it was nice, very nice, although the sounds he made were
nicer...I suppose he liked the sounds I made too, because he was being very frisky
with his hands, also. Oooooh...yes he was!

I made a bit of a mess then, which he used his once again talented tongue to clean
up. Then he was reaching for lube and I knew it was the time I had feared... when I
would lose my...virgnity x_x;;;;;; How embaressing. But he used his fingers first
and was very good with them...

Gosh he is so ...how do I say it.... FILLING! Americans really are... large in size,
you know. And K is one large American! Hahaha... he made sure I was all right [how
sweet!] then began thrusting in and out... I could instantly feel it hitting that
place inside of me.... it was wonderful already, then he started using his hands on
me again and it didn't take long for ... the both of us to... you know!!! Hehee.

Afterwards he left and came back with more wine. We sipped it for a while, just
being together, until he fell asleep in my arms... he wore himself out, I must say!
I stayed with him for a while but was simply to excited, so I came here to post
about it. I hope he will not be mad with me for it!! *_*. I doubt it though... he
posts quite explicit things often, especially with Yuuzi and Nakano-san... O_o;;;;;!
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Thursday, July 11th, 2002
11:45 pm - n_n
Wow, what a night!

K-san invited me over to watch television, and "hang out" and the such, an hour or so ago.
Well, we watched tv for a while, and then we started kissing... n_n K-san is such a good kisser!
Soon, he insisted we move to the bedroom... I'm sure I blushed a few shades of red, because he laughed, picked me up, and carried me down the hall. He kicked the door open, dropped me on the bed, and pounced on me.

Before you say anything, wait a moment! There was no...
..Actually, you could say there was sex...

We had our shirts off pretty quick, and a few minutes later he was unzipping my pants.
I started to protest, but he laughed again and said something about getting even...

Well... You can imagine what happened.. can't you?
Oh, no, I'm sure you're imagining much worse! (There were no 'cock rings' involved, Nakano Yuuzi-san!!)
We didn't have sex, per se...
But I can say that K-san is very talented with his tongue! n_n

Afterwards, he asked me if I could stay the night- I mis-understood him for a moment and blushed, and then he realized how I interpreted his request. K-san doesn't want me driving home so late, so he's going to share his bed with me again tonight! He's very kind, isn't he? He's taking a shower right now- oh, the water turned off! My turn! Good night everyone!

current mood: satisfied
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